Teaching Spotlights

Evelyn Williams, School of Business | School of Business | September 20, 2013
“A pretty powerful package” – a phrase Professor Evelyn Williams used to describe the benefits of Wake Forest’s liberal arts foundation, yet the phrase seems fitting for Professor Williams as well. […]

Justin Catanoso, JournalismWake Forest College | March 14, 2013

“Journalism education not only offers the study and practice of the skills I just described, it enables students to become better informed about their campus, their community, their nation and their world,” Catanoso said. […]

Anne Boyle, EnglishWake Forest College | February 28, 2013
After volunteering to tutor students at Northwest Middle School for the better part of a decade, Anne Boyle, the Director of the Wake Forest Writing Program, came to a dramatic realization. “I realized they needed about eighteen more of me, and probably younger,” Boyle said. […]

Beth Hopkins, School of LawSchool of Law| February 14, 2013
“The greatest challenge is making sure that I have ignited a student’s passion for the subject matter. I have learned that not everyone loves history and the law as I do,” Hopkins said. […]

Steve Giles, Communication | Wake Forest College | January 31, 2013
“The teacher-scholar model is for real. It doesn’t mean we (faculty) always get it right. Like students, we struggle sometimes to meet a variety of demands on our time. But as a value the teacher-scholar model is palpable,” Giles said. […]

John Dinan, Politics and International Affairs | Wake Forest College | January 17, 2013
“Political events and developments that arise in the course of a semester present excellent opportunities to pose questions and draw lessons about American political institutions and processes,” Dinan said. […]

Tom Brister, Politics and International Affairs Wake Forest College | December 20, 2012
The coveted mentor relationship shared between a Faculty member and a student has long been upheld as the hallmark of a Wake Forest education. When a professor takes the time to invest in a student both academically and personally, the results can be life-changing, for both parties.

Herman Eure, BiologyWake Forest College | December 6, 2012
“Teaching is the most important thing that we do at Wake Forest. The platform might be different … but teaching is at the core. I hope that we never lose sight of this,” said Herman Eure, a Professor of Biology. […]

Michelle Voss Roberts, School of DivinitySchool of Divinity | November 22, 2012
“This winter break, I will travel for three weeks in India with a group of thirteen Wake Forest faculty, Divinity students, and undergraduates. This trip is the beginning of a new spring course, “Multicultural Contexts for Ministry: Christianity in India,” in which students consider the role of culture in religious identity and practice—both in India and at home. […]

Tina Boyer, German | Wake Forest College | November 8, 2012
What do Werewolves, Mermaids, Cyborgs, and Dexter have in common? Answer: German 399. Three days a week, Dr. Tina Boyer engages ten students in the analysis of literary representations of “monsters” and the monstrous. […]

Brian Kell, Computer Science | Wake Forest College | October 25, 2012
“Computer Science 101 is such a different class then the rest of the department because it’s not part of the major, it’s not part of the minor; it is intended for people that will major in other things. It has a very different audience,” Brian Kell, a lecturer in the Computer Science department who teaches this introductory-level course, said. […]

Sherry Jarrell, Schools of BusinessSchools of Business |  October 11, 2012
Dr. Sherry Jarrell’s Principles of Finance course is not your typical class on corporate finance.  While standard topics regarding the time value of money, financial markets, and cost of capital are covered throughout the semester, Jarrell has added a hands-on project to help teach stock valuation to her students and, according to Jarrell, “bring some fairly abstract concepts to life.” […]

Simone Caron, History | Wake Forest College | September 27, 2012
“We aren’t trying to instill names and dates; that is what Google is for as far as I am concerned,” Simone Caron, Associate Professor and Chair of the History Department, said. The goals of the department have morphed from the regurgitation of facts to the helping students develop a critical understanding of the many varied pasts as well as enhancing writing, research, analytical, and rhetorical skills. […]