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Deacon Profile: Sarah Mason |  Old Gold & Black |  April 11, 2013
Sarah Mason is a professor of mathematics. Mason graduated from the University of Georgia undergraduate and earned her Doctorate in mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania with postdoctoral fellowships at the University of California, Berkley, CRM (University of Montreal) and University of California, San Diego along with time spent at Davidson College. […]

Deacon Profile: Joseph Milner |  Old Gold & Black |  April 4, 2013
Joseph Milner, professor of English Education and recipient of the North Carolina English Teachers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, worked as Chairperson of the Education Department for 28 years. He currently serves as the Director of the North Carolina Literacy Project. […]

Debating Immigration Laws |  WFU News |  March 28,  2013
As Congress considers comprehensive immigration reform this spring, new research by assistant professor of sociology Hana Brown shows the language used in the immigration debates can be as important as the legislation and can have long-term effects on other policies. […]

Deacon Profile: Herman Eure |  Old Gold & Black |  March 28, 2013
Herman E. Eure is a professor of biology and served as associate Dean for Faculty Development at the university. Eure earned his B.S. from Maryland State College in 1969 and his Ph.D. in biology from Wake Forest University in 1974. He stayed at Wake Forest to join the faculty after his graduation in 1974. […]

The Future of Organic Materials |  WFU News |  March 25,  2013
Maggie Payne is helping to develop a new generation of flexible electronics. A junior physics major, Payne is part of a team of researchers at Wake Forest University’s Organic Electronics group studying the relation between the physical structure and electrical properties of organic semiconductor crystals. […]

Faces of Sustainability: Sarah Mason |  Office of Sustainability |  March 13, 2013
Sarah Mason wanted answers to her questions about sustainability.  A mathematician by profession, it felt obvious to think about her questions mathematically. As she began to examine questions about life-cycle analysis and resource efficiency, she says “I realized…to get a sense of what’s going on, you can use fairly simple math.” […]

Finding the Next Picasso |  WFU News |  March 11,  2013
Over spring break, seven students will be visiting art galleries in New York City from March 13-17 to select works of art for the University’s Student Union Collection of Contemporary Art. The buying program is believed to the only one of its kind in the country. […]

Making Music Wins Over Computer Science Majors |  WFU News |  March 8,  2013
You could say Samuel Murphy is one measure of computer science professor Jennifer Burg’s success.Burg set out to determine whether using a hands-on topic like music could help her teach complicated computer science topics such as algorithms, abstraction and programming languages. […]

Deacon Profile: Neil DeVotta |  Old Gold & Black |  March 7, 2013
Neil DeVotta, associate professor of politics and international affairs, grew up in Sri Lanka and has been at Wake Forest since 2009. In addition to researching South Asian politics, DeVotta has consulted for numerous private and public organizations, including the U.S. Agency for International Development. […]

Deacon Profile: Ken Zick |  Old Gold & Black |  February 28, 2013
Ken Zick is the vice president of Student Life and a professor of law at the university. With his recent novel West to Donegal Bay, he holds the title of historical fiction author as well. […]

Deacon Profile: Steve Gunkel |  Old Gold & Black |  February 21, 2013
Steve Gunkel is a professor of sociology who specializes in criminology and white-collar crime. He has worked full time at the university since 2011 and has been a visiting professor at the university since 2004. […]

From Chemistry to Consulting |  WFU News |  February 15,  2013
As sophomores declare their majors this week, some may wonder if an interest in science and research predestines them to life in a lab or years of post-graduate professional school. Not necessarily, said Ryan Daly, a senior chemistry major from Cohasset, Mass., whose college-to-career journey has been anything but a linear path. […]

Deacon Profile: Beth Hopkins |  Old Gold & Black |  February 14, 2013
Beth Hopkins is the director of outreach and a professor of practice at the Wake Forest University School of Law as well as a professor of practice in the department of history. Hopkins attended Wake Forest University from 1969-1973, graduating cum laude with a B.A. She went on to obtain her J.D. from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary. […]

Finding a voice in ‘VOX’ |  WFU News |  February 7,  2013
One by one, students take center stage in the Ring Theatre and share personal stories about sexuality, isolation and identity conflicts. Without costumes or scripts, the “actors” take part in a devised production of their own creation. […]

Deacon Profile: Steven Folmar |  Old Gold & Black |  February 7, 2013
Steven Folmar is an assistant professor of anthropology specializing in applied cultural anthropology. He has worked at the university since 1992. Folmar received his B.A. in anthropology from Case Western Reserve University in 1974 and his Masters degree from the same institution in 1977. Folmar was also awarded his Ph.D. from Case Western University. […]

Add it Up: Accountancy Program Remains No. 1 |  WFU News |  February 1,  2013
The Wake Forest Schools of Business Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program continues to boast a 100 percent job placement rate and attract candidates from across the country and around the world. […]

Ready, Set, Speak – Spanish |  WFU News |  January 31,  2013
Twenty-one nations in the world use Spanish as their primary language. But a basic Spanish course, with its entry-level lessons on uno, dos, tres and rojo, blanco, azul, is unlikely to make it easier for students to communicate when studying abroad in one of these countries. […]

Deacon Profile: Ana Iltis |  Old Gold & Black |  January 31, 2013
Ana Iltis currently serves as an associate professor of philosophy at the university as well as the director of the Center for Bioethics, Health and Society. She received her Ph.D. in philosophy from Rice University before becoming an associate professor of Health Care Ethics at Saint Louis University. […]

Deacon Profile: John Curley |  Old Gold & Black |  January 24, 2013
John Curley currently serves as an assistant professor of modern and contemporary art history. Curley received his bachelor’s from Duke University in 1997, his Master’s degree in modern and contemporary art from the Sotheby’s Institute in London and his Ph.D. in history of art from Yale University in 2007. […]

Meet Greg Murr |  WFU News |  January 22,  2013
In a Ferris Beuller moment, Greg Murr’s post graduate plans took a turn. This 1993 graduate in studio art headed to Albuquerque, N.M., for graduate school, which propelled him on a course to Italy, New York City and Germany. This spring, Murr is returning to Wake Forest to teach printmaking classes in the art department. […]

Deacon Profile: Mark Welker |  Old Gold & Black |  January 17, 2013
Mark Welker, currently the William L. Poteat Professor of Chemistry, has previously served as Associate Provost for Research and Vice Provost in addition to holding the position of Interim Provost last year. […]

Design Thinking |  WFU News |  December 17, 2012
In the quest to build a better mousetrap, the usual approach would include schematics, engineering and experimentation – generally following the scientific method.  But if you put on your “design thinking” cap, you might ponder these questions: What attracts mice? Is catching them the solution? […]

Deacon Profile: Mary Martin Niepold |  Old Gold & Black |  November 29, 2012
Mary Martin Niepold’s love of storytelling sparked her interest in journalism, leading her to hold multiple positions within the field, most recently as a professor. A graduate of the university, she recently entered her 10th year of teaching. […]

The Physics of Music |  WFU News |  November 26, 2012
High in the steeple of Wake Forest University’s iconic Wait Chapel, students in a physics of music class collect sound spectra while sitting among the 47 bells that make up the University carillon. […]

Dinner and an Ethical Dilemma |  WFU News |  November 19, 2012
“We wanted students to consider the social, psychological and biological aspect of behavior when it comes to important medical decisions,” said Pat Lord, senior lecturer in the biology department and director of the Pre-Health Professions Program. […]

Nine WFU Alumnae earn Women of Justice Awards |  School of Law |  November 16, 2012
Professor Beth Hopkins (’73) and Kristina Wolf (JD ’13) were among nine Wake Forest women recognized at the 2012 Women of Justice Awards reception at the Raleigh Marriott City Center on Nov. 15, 2012. […]

Wake Forest Introduces Semester Online |  WFU News |  November 15, 2012
Imagine enjoying the personal attention and academic rigor of one of Wake Forest’s 300-level classes while studying abroad in Australia or caring for a loved one at home. Today, this flexibility is one step closer to becoming a reality. […]

From Class Concept to Venture |  WFU News |  November 12, 2012
In the fall of 2011, five students in an introductory level entrepreneurship class came up with an idea for a group project. Their research revealed an unmet need facing students and generated a hassle-free solution. […]

Deacon Profile: Jed Macosko |  Old Gold & Black |  November 8, 2012
Jed Macosko has served as assistant professor of physics at the university since spring 2004. He received his Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. […]

Law Professor wins Prize for Torts Scholarship |  School of Law |  November 2, 2012
Michael D. Green was named as a co-winner of the 2012 John G. Fleming Memorial Prize for Torts Scholarship. He will jointly deliver the Second Fleming Lecture at Berkeley Law on Monday, Nov. 5 with University of Texas Law Professor William C. Powers Jr.. […]

Deacon Profile: Lavi Wilson |  Old Gold & Black |  October 29, 2012
Lavi Wilson began her career as the university’s Substance Abuse Coordinator in June of this year. She is a licensed clinical social worker, certified clinical alcohol, tobacco and other drug social worker, and provisionally licensed clinical addiction specialist. […]

Deacon Profile: Michele Gillespie |  Old Gold & Black |  October 25, 2012
Michele Gillespie, Kahle Family Professor of History, joined the history department in 1999. Between 2007-2010, Gillespie served in the provost’s office. She recently published Katharine and R. J. Reynolds: Partners of Fortune in the Making of the New South. […]

Teaching with Tomatoes |  WFU News |  October 15, 2012
When teaching about genetics, biology professor Gloria Muday starts her day by harvesting the most dynamic heirloom tomatoes she can find in the Wake Forest campus garden. […]

Infectious Mentoring |  WFU News |  October 10, 2012
When Josie Hug stepped into the group gathered around Ray Kuhn, the William L. Poteat Professor of Biology, a hug is exactly what she got, along with cries of “You’re family now!” […]

Deacon Profile: Brantly Shapiro |  Old Gold & Black |  October 4, 201
A member of the university’s ballet faculty, Brantly Shapiro grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. The oldest of five children, she enrolled in her first ballet class at age seven. By age 15, she was teaching in the San Francisco Ballet School. […]

Omaar Hena on the Power of Literature |  Old Gold & Black |  September 20, 2012
Omaar Hena is an English professor with a focus on postcolonial literature. He was an undergraduate at the university from 1995-99, received his master’s at University College Dublin […]

Telling Stories, Building Bridges |  WFU News |  September 14, 2012
Refugees, ballad singers, classic car collectors and victims of forced sterilization —Wake Forest third-year documentary film students have spent the last year working on movies that show what life is like from these different perspectives. […]

Coates Highlights Pressing Political Issues |  Old Gold & Black |  September 13, 2012
David Coates is a professor of comparative politics in the university’s politics and international affairs department. He was educated at the University of York in England before completing his doctorate at Oxford University. […]

Love of Liberal Arts Drives Music Professor |  Old Gold & Black |  September 7, 2012
Peter Kairoff is not just a university music professor. He is the director of the Venice Program at Casa Artom, as well as a concert pianist and a recording artist. […]

Computers in the Middle |  WFU News |  September 4, 2012
Students headed back to school at Hanes Magnet School in Winston-Salem will find a whole new subject in some of their English, Spanish, social studies and math classes: computer science. […]

The Life and Times of Maya Angelou |  Old Gold & Black |  August 30, 2012
Maya Angelou is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated members of the Wake Forest community. Angelou, Reynolds Professor of American Studies, will be inducted into the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame this October. […]

VALOR Recipient of ABA Award |  School of Law |  August 21, 2012
The American Bar Association Law Student Division has announced that Wake Forest University School of Law’s Veteran Advocacy Law Organization is the recipient of the 2012 Judy M. Weightman Memorial Public Interest Award. […]

Student + Mentor = Innovative Cancer ResearchWFU News |  July 31, 2012
When Wake Forest junior Katherine Sams received an invitation to share her research on fatigue in breast cancer patients at the largest gathering of cancer professionals in the world, it was addressed to Dr. Sams. […]

Wake the HimalayasWFU News |  July 26, 2012
In the small town of Leh in the Ladakh region, high in the Himalayan mountains, nine undergraduate students enrolled in a summer course on culture and communication in India are working with local schools to improve students’ English literacy. […]

Reaching out to Nicaraguan Children | WFU News |  July 6, 2012
Wake Forest has a long history of close, mentoring relationships between faculty and students. It’s an opportunity to explore In Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, 175 families and approximately 500 children live and work in an area called “La Chureca.” Translation: the city dump. […]

Pro Humanitate and the Counseling Program | Wake Forest College | June 26, 2012
Dr. Sam Gladding and Dr. Donna Henderson describe how the principle of Wake Forest University’s motto, “Pro Humanitate,” informs the mental health work they do both locally and abroad. […]

Schools of Business Wins Campus Innovation Award | Schools of Business |  June 13, 2012
Wake Forest University Schools of Business won the Connected Campus Award at the AMX® Innovation Awards ceremony on June 11 in Las Vegas. The AMX® Innovation Awards, sponsored by the University Business Institute, recognize innovative higher education institutions, their accomplishments and best practices of the use of technology. […]

Beyond the Books: Brains and mussels | WFU News | May 25, 2012
Wake Forest has a long history of close, mentoring relationships between faculty and students. It’s an opportunity to explore the liberal arts, tie scholarship and research and create the teacher-scholar ideal. For biology professor Ron Dimock, mentoring comes naturally during hours in the lab — going beyond the books. […]

Learning Outside the Classroom | WFU News |  May 16, 2012
Almost every university has a mentoring program — independent initiatives hosted by campus life or student development. Wake Forest is one of the first higher education institutions in the nation to adopt a campus-wide model., 2012. […]

Law School Offers One-Year Grad. Program in Legal Studies | School of Law |  May 15, 2012
The Wake Forest School of Law is offering a one-year Master of Studies in Law (MSL) program beginning in the Fall 2012 semester. […]

Student Co-Authors Radiology Study | WFU News |  May 15, 2012
“I believe that out of anxiety, patients want to know their test results as quickly as possible,” Roman Nelson (’12) said. “Having a medical scan done often comes with profound news, either good or bad, so patients want to know what’s happening in their lives as soon as they can. […]

Making bioethics personal | WFU News |  May 14, 2012
The undergraduate and graduate students in Comm 370 spent the spring semester pondering a bioethics case study surrounding organ transplants and patient selection while also enhancing their communications skills by learning how to perform the material as a radio play. […]

Taking Journalism Overseas |  WFU News | May 11, 2012
“My grandmother in Algeria has these tattoos on her face,” Wake Forest University junior Yasmin Bendaas said. “I noticed a year or so ago during my last visit that only elderly women had them and I was seeing fewer women with the tattoos than when I visited as a child.” […]

Student Storyteller: Unconventional Class | WFU News | May 3, 2012
While class for “Political Sociology” captivates in Carswell Hall, it could hardly compare with the thrill of discussion in a boardroom at the Democratic National Convention offices in Charlotte. […]

Fathers & daughters: not a textbook case | WFU News | April 26, 2012
When Mike Bevan’s father died suddenly last year, he dutifully stepped into a family leadership role. He also enrolled in “Fathers and Daughters,” the only known college class in the country devoted exclusively to dad-daughter relationships, to help his sister cope with their loss. […]

Meet Jack Rejeski |  Wake Forest College | March 5, 2012
“I am convinced that what we teach students is not as important as teaching them how to think creatively; to learn how to use the scientific method to actively solve problems rather than searching for the answer in what I have included in my slide presentations.” […]

You Majored in What? | Wake Forest College | March 15, 2012
“What is my child going to do with a degree in that?” is a question Art History professor Jay Curley has had to answer a time or two in his four years at Wake Forest University. “People think of Art History as this very traditional, fuddy-duddy type of class,” he explained.  […]

Punch Above Your Weight Class |  Wake Forest College | March 5, 2012
Video featuring Sarah Crosier (’13) and Dr. Ellen Miller discussing this unique Anthropology course. […]

From a ‘Dusty’ Discipline |  Wake Forest College |February 28, 2012
Hear Dr. John Oksanish and Dr. Michael Sloan explain some of the exciting things they are currently teaching in the Department of Classical Languages. […]

A Monstrous CurriculumWake Forest College | February 16, 2012
What do Werewolves, Mermaids, Cyborgs, and Dexter have in common? Answer: German 399. Three days a week, Dr. Tina Boyer engages ten students in the analysis of literary representations of “monsters” and the monstrous. […]

Sparking the Self-Learning Process |  Wake Forest College |January 19, 2012
While teaching an upper-division Biochemistry course, Patricia Dos Santos began to notice something. “Students learn different concepts in Biology, Chemistry, and Orgo, but they don’t have a class or activity that brings all of those concepts together,” she said. […]