Faculty Teaching Awards

Teaching and Learning Center:

………..Teaching Innovation Award Winners: 2011-12

………………Laura Aull – English

………………Lisa Blee – History

………………John Curley – Art

………………Jack Dostal – Physics

………………Teresa Sanhueza – Romance Languages

Wake Forest College:

The Jon Reinhardt Award for Distinguished Teaching

2012-2013: Louis R. Goldstein – Music

2011-2012: Robert Ulery, Jr. – Classical Languages

2010-2011: Helga Welsh – Politics and International Affairs

2009-2010: Barry Maine – English

2008-2009: James T. Powell – Classical Languages

2007-2008: Stewart Carter – Music

The Reid-Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching

2012-2013: Oana Jurchescu – Physics

2011-2012: Wayne Pratt – Psychology

2010-2011: Jessica Richard – English

2009-2010: Erik Johnson – Biology

2008-2009: Christian Miller – Philosophy

2007-2008: Paul Thacker – Anthropology

The Schools of Business:

The Educator of the Year Award

Full-Time MBA Program:

2012: Ajay Patel

2011: Ajay Patel

2010: Jon Pinder

Winston-Salem Evening MBA Program:

2012: Chuck Kennedy

2011: Derrick Boone and Dan Fogel

2010: Ram Baliga and Derrick Boone

Charlotte Evening MBA Program:

2012: Ram Baliga

2011: Chet Miller and Dan Fogel

2010: Chet Miller and John Silvia

2009: Chet Miller and John Silvia

2008: Michelle Roehm

Charlotte Saturday MBA Program:

2012: Dan Fogel

2011:Pat McMullen, Dan Fogel, and Charles Iacovou

2010: Charu Raheja and John Silvia

2009:Bill Davis

2008:Charles Iacovou

Masters of Arts in Management Program:

2012: Kenny Herbst

2011: Melenie Lankau

2010: Kenny Herbst

The Masters of Science in Accounting Graduate Class Teaching Award

2012: George Aldhizer

2011: George Aldhizer

2010: Allison Evans

2009: Yvonne Hinson

2008: George Aldhizer

The Horace Kelly Alumni Teaching Award

2012: Arun Dewasthali

2011: Sheri Bridges and Clay Hipp

2010: Page West

2009: Arun Dewasthali

2008: Sheri Bridges

The Kienzle Teaching Award

2012: Sherry Moss and Jon Pinder

2011: Jonathan Pinder

2010: Gary Shoesmith and Charles Iacovou

2009: Charles Iacovou

2008: B. Ram Baliga

The Senior Class Teaching Award

2012: Bren Varner

2011: Arun Dewasthali

2010: Bren Varner

2009: Bill Marcum

2008: Clay Hipp

The School of Divinity:

The Pro Fide et Humanitate Award

2011: Laura Barclay

2010: Doug Bailey

2009: Bill Leonard

The School of Law:

The Joseph Branch Excellence in Teaching Award

2012: Steve Virgil

2011: Ahmed Taha

2010: Jennifer Collins

2009: Christine Nero Coughlin

2008: Robert Chesney

The Student Bar Association Jurist Excellence in Teaching Award

2012: Charley Rose

2011: Charley Rose

2010: Wilson Parker

2009: Jennifer Collins

2008: Charley Rose

The School of Medicine

Teaching Excellence Award

K. Patrick Ober, MD – Endocrinology

Clinical Science

Class of 2012: James Peacock, MD – Infectious Diseases

Class of 2013: Patrick Reynolds, MD – Neurology

Class of 2014: James Peacock, MD – Infectious Diseases

Class of 2015: K. Patrick Ober, MD – Endocrinology

Basic Science

Class of 2012: Charles Eldridge, PhD – Physiology and Pharmacology

Class of 2013: Peter Smith, PhD/Biochemistry

Class of 2014: David Riddle, PhD – Neurobiology and Anatomy

Class of 2015: Yuh-Hwa Wang, PhD – Biochemistry